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Evergreen Creative Studio is a 100% women and minority owned business that focuses on supporting content creators and business owners with the tools needed to excel in the digital world.
Evergreen Creative Studio is the brainchild of owner, Jasmine Gant, who has a career history of public relations, media and design. Jasmine’s passion for YouTube opened a door for her talents as she recognized the big gap in supportive roles for the many content creators across the world. Evergreen’s popularity has grown tremendously and in less than one year has blossomed to servicing content creators and small businesses internationally.
The Evergreen Team has grown to include Ebonia, Breanna, Keshia, Grace and Myeisha. All women who are exceptionally talented in their own ways and have brought unique talent and zeal to the Evergreen Team. 
Evergreen’s desire is to create timeless content for our consumers and to provide the necessary insight to help businesses thrive in the virtual space!

     the Evergreen Team


Hi, I’m Jasmine, I’m the CEO and Director of Creative Services, I'm involved in just about everything from S.M.M. to research, video editing, and customer service. My passion for media started in school where I was involved in just about every activity that allowed me to perform, write or work with cameras. I believe that creative storytelling is the main key to bringing your brand to life. I love to empower creatives and provide a safe space for their businesses to grow. I’m so excited to have you here with me on this journey and can’t wait to learn more about your business!


Jasmine - CEO & Director of Creative Services


Hey, I’m Ebonia and I'm the lead visual editor. My educational background is Organizational Psychology and Music. Through the years of editing videos and thumbnails as a hobby, I have transitioned this passion into a career. 

Ebonia - Video Editor and Designer

I’m Keshia and I’m a Kansas native with four and a half years of management experience. I’ve worked two years as a finance specialist. At Evergreen, I’m the Director of Operations and Communication. My passion is helping people make their dreams come true. Here at Evergreen, I manage the day-to-day operations and communications. I’ll be walking with you hand-in-hand through your journey with us!


Keshia - Operations and Communications

I’m Breanna and I’ve worked in Accounting and Finance for more than 10 years. I’m a St. Louis native who has acquired a diverse background in the industry, spanning from bookkeeping for a local jewelry store, to most recently managing a large portfolio of federal, state, private, and industry research grants for the University of Kansas. Early in my career I also served on the Accounting/Finance Team for Ottawa University working with the CFO and Controller to provide the most accurate audit-able accounting, with consideration to reporting, budgeting, and compliance according to federal regulations and guidelines. I earned my MBA in 2017 from Ottawa University. Here at Evergreen, I’ll be your guide through everything financial! 


Breanna - Accounting and Grant Acquisition

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